Boyko Krastevitch – Epee Coach
Head Coach, Owner and Administrator

Boyko Krastevitch is a graduate of the Bulgarian National Sport Academy and has worked with the Bulgarian National Fencing Team (epee) for twenty highly successful years as an athlete and coach.

The list of his athletic and professional awards is impressive. He has been a member of the Bulgarian National Fencing Team and has participated in many World Championships, World Cup Tournaments and World Student Championships from 1975-1985. He was sixth at the World Student Championship in Bucharest, 1981. He was the National Champion and Cup holder in 1980 and National Junior Champion in 1973. He won the Balkan Fencing Championship team in 1977, 1978 and 1980. In 1980 Boyko Krastevitch was 8th on the European Fencing championship Foga, Italy.

During the period 1979-1980 he was coaching the Junior Team in C S K A and was a Sport Club coach.

During the period 1985-1987 Maestro Krastevitch was assistant coach of the National Bulgarian men’s epee team.


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